Monday, November 24, 2008

OASIS [phase four]

Realizing that even though these stepping stones were easily and quickly produced we still didn't have near enough to fill the entire path by the deadline, we made some changes to our plan. 

 Rather than fill the path with our stepping stones, we took them to our site and decided to let the stepping stones border the pathway and maybe fill in the actual path with pebbles later. 

This revision sticks to the original idea of a path of circles and rectangles, it just reduces the amount of pieces due to time and materials.

Continuation is a big theme through the entire class's project, the way all of our islands are supposed to flow together to keep the eye moving along.  Our new border also relies on closure, since there is a gap and the border is only on adjacent sides.  The proximity of the border is also important.  It cannot be too thick or it will look like actual pathways instead of a border.  Also alignment - how the edges of the circles and rectangles are connected, plus the break between the two adjacent borders will line up with the brick break between the two sets of windows on the side of the building.  We are also alternating the textures of the concrete to give it an even variety.

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