Monday, November 24, 2008

Gateway [2]: Beginning Molds and Casting

Together, the separate group members from the different groups in the Super Group created over-arching rules that would help us all in the project to become more unified and create our final designs to start making molds and casting.

+ Textures & Aggregate is the be left up to the individual groups
+ No color, no glass, no water, no walls.
+ True circles & squares only. [No rhombus']
+ Progression is shown through proximity of Edges' of pillars.
+ Incorporate pillars as vertically elements.
+ Height Limit- No taller then call button. [4 feet]
+ Dessert=Squares, Mirage=Squares>Circles, Oasis=Square-Circles, Gateway=Circles Only, and Edge=Mirroring other Groups.
+ Super Group reserves the right to veto non compatible ideas.

And with these rules and the geometric concept in mind we began our work on thinking of molds and casting practice pieces.

In combination with Sunday and Monday our sub-groups [Pathway group, "Bubble group, & Sphere group] figured out molds that could be made or used and casted our first pieces.

Aggregate on Sunday = Cat litter [Tidy Cats]
Aggregate on Monday = Perlite

In the end the Perlite proved to be a stronger and better aggregate then the cat litter, which smelled really awful and crumbled easily.

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