Monday, November 24, 2008

Gateway [3]: Pathway/Stepping Stones

Stepping Stone/ Pathway Group
Inspired by a video on YouTube, our sub-group that was assigned to work on the pathway decided the most efficient way to cast our pathway was to do it in a mold of threes, 12" x 12" squares that are 2" thick. We built the forms in the shop with the wood board given to us from the department and bought wood boards to cut with a chop saw for the sides to keep the concrete in the molds. In order to make our forms more stable, our aggregate went from cat litter to pea pebbles. We also added wood glue to the mix to help with the issues of air bubbles in the concrete.

To create the specific design in the surface of our concrete stepping stones we cut out cardboard shapes of the negative spaces in order to get the desired effect needed to keep with the circle theme.

To figure out how many stepping stones were needed to cast we set up a mock demonstration with papers that were 12x12 and pinned into the ground.

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