Monday, November 24, 2008

Gateway [1]: Concepts and Ideas

To start out everyone in the group created a "throw-up sheet" to start the flow of ideas as to what we observed from the space and what could be seen as a possibility for the space. Each member of the group was responsible for this along with helping to create a group parti about our collective concepts to represent a 'gateway' as in the name our group was given. Later on in the project however we became the Access-Crossroads-Gateway because all those words together sounded more like our project and concepts.

After a critique with all the groups together we created another parti of a newer more unified concept, our group created two different ones: One as a geometric concept and one as a organic concept for our parking lot island.

A model of 1/2":1' scale was also in order for all the groups to get a better idea of how all our ideas and designs would fit together. Because while this project was split into different groups it all still needed to be unified.

Biggest issues we ran into starting the project:
- Placement of Trash/Recycling/Cigarette recepticals.
- Trees already existing in the area.

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