Monday, November 24, 2008

OASIS [phase two continued]

In an attempt to imitate the texture and patterns of the bark on the Crete Myrtle trees, we cut out similar shapes from craft foam and glued them to the bottoms of the boxes.  But this didn't work to well, probably because the foam wasn't thick enough.
We soon began letting the way the other groups develop their concepts of texture influence ours. Since we had so many pieces to make, we couldn't make elaborate molds so we had to create simpla ways to make and mass produce textures.  We are working with the smoothness that the plastic molds gave us, the rough texture the perlite gave the open side of our casts, and how the circles made with the cardboard cylinders have a waxy texture similar to the desert's (created by trial and error with warped cardboard).  Although our pathway is very geometric, the rough perlite texture and the waves (which, in a way, mimic the crete myrtles) are very organic.

Corregated cardboard didn't work well either - the ridges showed up, the flaps on the sides and bottoms left huge impressions, and some pieces of cardboard got stuck in the concrete.

Shoe boxes worked the best.

The plastic desk drawer organizers from the dollar store worked really well also, and were easily reused.

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