Sunday, December 7, 2008

Living on the Edge Work Summary

Casting was a true trial and error experience throughout the various molds, strategies and aggregates. In the end, we found what worked: plastic square molds, some wood and a few cardboard boxes. We found our base was 1'-0" by 1'-0" at 3'-0"thick. 
One of our molds was rectangular because it was to be placed across from the desert group at the bottom of the property/hill. So we wanted to be able to bury it in the ground to look 1'-0" by 1'-0" like the rest of the Living Edge models. 

Bray and Kristina working on carving out their first attempt at foam curves. They were able to create a second model that allowed them to make a better version of this first attempt. 

An example of a first mold gone bad. It was sad to see the wood shop work and some concrete and aggregate go to waste, but it was a beneficial learning experience and times like these assisted our group in making rational and strategic decisions by the presentation. 
Random FYI: It was very cold during the majority of the casting process. 

The casting took us about two to three days depending on the size of each mold to officially turn green and eventually harden. We were expecting a much longer drying process due to the cool temperatures outside or possible cracking but thankfully ran into very few bumps in the road. 

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